Why detox?

Doing a detox is a great way to remove feelings of excess and sluggishness, to increase energy, to look and feel better, and to support your body and mind to function optimally again.

We are all exposed to toxins each day in our food, air, and water, to a greater or lesser extent, depending too on our individual choices. Bearing this in mind, it’s not surprising that our detox program is our most popular package. By doing a detox program, we can enjoy the following benefits;

If you are feeling tired, foggy sluggish, and that you want to feel lighter, fresher, and cleaner, taking time for a detox is an ideal choice.

Do we all need to detox in the same way?

The short answer is no. The best method or intensity of our detox program is ideally decided on by considering our body type and health picture. For example, a more robust, overweight body type will typically benefit from a raw juice detox of 3-7 days, whereas a leaner person who gets tired easily could do with a more wholefood-based detox diet. It’s important that anyone on a detox program is assessed and guided in a way that suits them as an individual.

How to prepare for a detox program?

In order to have a successful detox experience with minimal discomfort, preparation is most important. In fact, what you eat before and after a detox will to some extent influence the results of the detox and the long-term benefits.

The best way to prepare is to avoid the following for at least 7 days before your detox:

Include plant-based foods in your menu:

Depending on how stressful your life is and the level of consumption of caffeine, alcohol and processed foods, you may experience some cleansing reactions once you begin your Pre-Detox. Common cleansing reactions include headaches, nausea, insomnia, foggy thinking, skin irritations and fatigue.

By following these guidelines, the body can focus on increasing the functioning of the main detoxification pathways (kidneys, liver, and intestine), which is essential to maximizing the effectiveness of your detox program.

Should anyone not do a detox?

There are some stages of life in which a detox in the usual sense is not recommended. These include:

In these cases, it’s best to ‘detox’ only by eating a very healthy, wholefood diet that contains abundant plant foods, complex carbohydrates, quality proteins and ‘good’ fats, while avoiding process foods without nutritional benefit.

Anything else to be aware of?

We can also consider the mind, one of the greatest sources of toxicity. When we do a detox, it’s best to take time to meditate, and, to use positive affirmations, as negative thought patterns and stress cause a kind of mental ‘pollution’ that is ultimately injurious to our body and soul.

It’s also really beneficial to do a media detox – avoid any violent or negative media, social media, and other kinds of screen time. Then, we can truly de-cutter in all respects.


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