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Amatara’s the first Thai Hammam is the only unique type of ‘gentle’ version of the traditional Hammam. We use a selection of high-quality Thai natural products, herbs and aromas, and the experience is one of a luxury Thai spa treatment combined with a traditional Middle Eastern Hammam.

What does the treatment involve?

Our Thai Hammam treatment involves a series of stages for cleansing, rejuvenating and relaxation. The process also involves an alternation of cool and warm temperatures with water, steam, heated stone beds, ice application, and sauna.

What kind of products are used?

We use a combination of locally made, signature products from Thailand and specific Hammam treatment products from Morocco. All products used are 100% natural.

How long does it take?

It can be taken as a treatment on its own for 1 hour 45 minutes or with a Signature massage to follow (2 hours 45 minutes). Massage is the perfect way to end the Hammam session.

What are the benefits of the Hammam treatment?

Is there anyone who should not do the Hammam treatment?



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