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David Stojanovic

David Stojanovic

Metta Healing with David Stojanovic
23 December 2019 – 13 January 2020

David’s healing abilities are an innate gift that he has had since childhood. It was only in his late 30s that be began to truly embrace these amazing abilities and share them in the way he does now – to support others in solving problems in the emotional/mental/physical and subtle bodies.

David’s treatment is gentle yet profoundly healing. It brings and gives more clarity in the mind, increases your life energy and this way you gain more energy and balance in your life, resulting in better health.

Healing is not removing the pain, healing is bringing awareness so the issue will not be returning again. After the session, feedback is given on what is causing the problem or issue that you experience. When we have awareness as to what is causing the problem, that is the moment we can work on it.

During the treatment with David, you can experience energy rushing through your body with or without him touching you. He uses his hands, making a heart to heart connection guiding the energy with his mind.

Before the treatment, avoid drinking coffee and using stimulants.

Metta healing with David 90 minutes 5,000++


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