Sebastian Tapia

Sebastian Tapia

Unleash your power 

Shamanic Breath work, Ajna Light Therapy, Meditation Coaching  with Sebastian Tapia

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Sebastian has made it his mission to combine ancient and modern practices that can upgrade our energy,
enhance our intuition and help us retain a positive mindset.

Studying energy healing and holistic health in Miami, Florida, Sebastian developed his unique style of energy work, breath work and coaching specifically for wellness retreats to facilitate real transformation in people’s lives. He also uses the Ajna light, a powerful tool that allows you to reach a state of deep, visual meditation where any type of healing work is made more effective.

His sessions are highly personalized, utilizing a combination of any of the following techniques;

Trans-formative breath work
from Indian and Tibetan traditions

Shamanic drumming and movement work:
Unleash the power of the voice and body through one of the world’s oldest healing modalities! In this sound healing session, powerful expressions through vocal and body movement can be facilitated.

Meditation and mindfulness coaching
Learn valuable techniques that you can apply immediately and bring your new practice home with you! Learn about mindful morning routines, the best technique to remain present (which also works great for procrastination) and how to invite unlimited potential and possibility into every moment of your day!

The benefits of this session include:

— Feel more aligned to your true self and true desires.

— Develop a greater connection to your full spiritual power

— Transform the way you experience day to day life in a positive way.

Sessions with Sebastian 90 minutes: 3,500 baht net

Go deeper

Package of three 90 minute sessions: 8,000 baht net
Package of five 90 minute sessions: 12,000 baht net





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