New Sleep Optimisation Retreat Launched

Fast becoming a favourite among Thailand’s leading wellness retreats, Amatara Wellness Resort, is offering guests the chance to rest and reset with the launch of their seven-night ‘Sleep Optimisation’ programme.

In partnership with qualified sleep technicians from Bangkok Hospital, Phuket, Amatara’s preventative programme addresses life’s stresses and strains, as well as body imbalances, which deplete sleep quality. The holistic retreat combines western therapeutic and diagnosis techniques with a healthy diet, natural therapies, and expert consultations.

With today’s complicated and busy lives, the continuous demand for mental energy means quality sleep can often be elusive. We all know that prolonged, insufficient sleep can lead to several health concerns. These are such as an inability to focus and increased anxiety, physical symptoms such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and diabetes. However, often deeply ingrained bad habits can prevent us from achieving optimum rest.

Amatara Wellness Resort seeks to guide guests back to their own natural sleep-wake cycles through therapies to sooth and calm the mind and through the elimination of external and internal factors that negatively affect their health. Guests are supported through consultations and a Polysomnography (overnight sleep test) with qualified sleep technicians from Bangkok Hospital in Phuket and neurologists to create a personalised programme to fit individual needs and goals.

The Sleep Optimisation programme incorporates Ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara, the pouring of a thin, steady stream of warm, herb-infused oil onto the centre of the forehead; the teaching of powerful relaxing meditation techniques used in pranayama and yoga nidra sessions; lavender sleep rituals and Indian head massages. Encouraging a pure and healthy diet, the resort asks guests to avoid foods that overstimulate the nervous system such as caffeine and chocolate and to commit to zero screen time after sunset until after breakfast. In keeping with Amatara’s philosophy, the retreat ensures progress is long-lasting with a personalised health plan to take home and the knowledge and skills to further develop better lifestyle choices.

Aiming to position itself as one of the foremost destinations for wellness-conscious travellers, Amatara Wellness Resort is setting the benchmark as the first and only luxury destination spa in Phuket, and a compelling choice for leisure travellers to Thailand. Integrative health programmes are coupled with warm, uniquely Thai hospitality; beautiful sea view pool villas and spacious suites; and – unusually for a wellness resort – a dedicated Kids Club and childcare service, making it the ideal backdrop for a fun-filled family-friendly getaway to ‘The Land of Smiles’ that leaves guests feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

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