Amatara signs an agreement with Bangkok Airways and Bangkok Hospital Phuket to offer the first-ever integrated tourism & health services in the region.

Amatara Wellness Resort, one of Southeast Asia’s premier wellness resort & spa destinations, has entered into a collaborative agreement with Bangkok Hospital Phuket in the development of an Integrative Wellness Program. Supervised by a medical team, the program will include integrated health plans to promote the customer’s total wellbeing. Amatara also signed an MOU with Bangkok Airways to provide privileges for customers and beneficial offerings for clients. This is the first time the leading wellness resort has made an agreement with a hospital and airline in Thailand. The collaborative effort will help to position Thailand as a leading integrated wellness destination.

To offer a new service for visitors who need deep relaxation together with healthcare, Amatara Wellness Resort has collaborated with Bangkok Hospital Phuket to develop an Integrative Wellness Program that focuses on brain health, wellbeing, and anti-aging services. This program will operate under the highest standards covering various angles: brain checks to world medical standards, health consulting, nutrition planning after medical treatment, relaxation and treatments, preventive health education, and wellness lifestyle programs.

Amatara will provide more convenience to the hospital’s patients in case they need an excellent accommodation service for recovery or relaxation after the checkup, with access to superb beachfront rooms and villas, hospitality services and high-end facilities. This will effectively promote Thailand’s integrated wellness tourism business. The collaboration also has planned to co-develop a preventive brain health package and a deep sleep enhancement program to be launched in the future.

Further, Amatara Wellness Resort works in close partnership with Bangkok Airways to introduce special privileges for clients travelling to Phuket, such as reward points for its flyer bonus program and redemption program for existing clients who stay at Amatara. With the combined strong potential of two leading companies in their industries, Bangkok Airways & Bangkok Hospital Phuket, this partnership helps Amatara to provide more services and offerings.

Guests will enjoy more convenient and value-added services that cover transportation, checkup, treatment, and recovery in an integrative way. This will enhance not only the hospitality and wellness tourism sector in Phuket, but also in Thailand as a whole, in order to attract wellness tourists from around the world. Amatara has set its goal to be one of the Top 5 Wellness Destinations in Southeast Asia, to enhance the global wellness tourism economy and improve wellness in Thailand to its highest standard.

Dr. Kongkiat Kespechara, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – BDMS Southern Group and Director of Bangkok Phuket Hospital said, “Now Thailand has obviously entered into a phase of an aging society. Many irrecoverable diseases and disorders have been found, and one of them is Alzheimer’s disease, which ranked on the list of top 10 diseases found in adults over 65 years old. Bangkok-Phuket Hospital sees the importance of disease awareness, development of high technology analysis programs, and research of anti-aging to reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease by specialized medical teams.”

“The cooperation with the leading wellness resort Amatara for development of an integrated wellness program that focuses on brain health marks a big step for medical advancement. With Amatara’s high-end hospitality service, soothing ambiance, and 5-star facilities, in cooperation with a high standard of medical expertise at Bangkok-Phuket Hospital, we strongly believe customers will experience true relaxation and be able to maintain their sustainable health in the long term,” explained Dr. Kongkiat.

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