Ber Raeymaekers


1-20th October, 2018

Mastering Mindfulness with Ber Raeymaekers

Insight meditation encompasses the four foundations of mindfulness; focusing on the body and our feelings, the mind, and objects within it. Providing inner guidance towards a continual awareness and acknowledgement of these integrated elements, Ber Raeymaekers helps clients to unlock an enlightened approach for a holistically fulfilling life journey.

About Ber
In search of his life purpose, Ber’s path to personal fulfillment began with a journey of spiritual awakening in Bali and Thailand. Spending time at a Vipassana monastery, he learnt the value of silence and mindful walking. Understanding that to master one’s own destiny through insightful changes stems from knowing within, the techniques he practiced became an intrinsic part of his daily way of life. To become very still, love and connect with your true self through meditation is a gift – and one that Ber started sharing. Returning to Belgium to study as a Mindfulness Trainer, Ber created a centre for personal development and for the past two years has offered personalized programs of Mindfulness and Embodiment Stretching to both adults and children.
Mindfulness (60 mins)  
The practice of mindfulness offers dynamic, life changing tools to help deal with stress, anxiety, negative thinking and emotional patterns. Benefit from an insightful introduction to the key concepts and scientific research that underpins mindfulness today, and how this relates to a healthier and more balanced way of life. Enjoy interactive discussion that is interspersed with guided meditations, breathing techniques, body scanning and other simple practical methods that can be used to enrich everyday interactions.
Minimum 3 sessions recommended
Note: Sessions are available in English, Dutch, French and Italian.

Follow up Treatment (60 minutes) 5,000++
Special rate for 3 sessions 12,000++

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