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1 - 31 December 2019

Elevate Your Inner Mindfulness through Reiki, Sound Healing & Transformational Meditation



With over 15 years of musical experience and a background in holistic health and transformational coaching, Justin combines both ancient and modern healing modalities to support individuals in improving overall well-being and reconnecting to the power within.

Based out of Los Angeles, CA, USA, Justin and his wife Catherine have developed a unique wellness method in their work with hundreds of clients and numerous companies. His one-of-a-kind healing sessions will leave you feeling blissfully recharged and inspired.

Available Sessions:

Sessions are personalized to your needs and include a combination of the following modalities:

  • REIKI - Reiki is therapeutic energy work based in Japanese tradition. It is a subtle and effective form of harnessing the life force energy that flows through all living things. It is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice.
  • SOUND HEALING - Using aspects of music, sound healing (or sound therapy) improves your physical and emotional health. In a session, instruments like quartz crystal singing bowls, drums, and chimes are played to induce a state of deep relaxation and quiet the thinking mind. 
  • BREATHWORK - Breathwork or Pranayama is an ancient practice of consciously controlling the breath in specific ways to achieve deeply relaxed states of consciousness. 


  • GUIDED MEDITATION - In guided meditation, an instructor leads participants through closed eye visualization and mental exploration. 
  • CBD - CBD is a plant-based supplement responsible for many of the health benefits linked to cannabis. It is non-psychoactive, meaning you will not become intoxicated. It can be eaten, inhaled, or even applied topically. Benefits include:
    • Heightened intuition, feelings of inner peace, creativity & connection with your higher self
    • Decreased stress, anxiety, depression, physical / emotional pain, anger & addictive tendencies
    • Improved mood, mental clarity, memory, energy levels & sleep quality
    • Deepened feelings of intimacy & connection with others
    • Reduced inflammation & improved hormonal balance 


90 minutes (CBD Optional)

  • 1 session for an individual at THB 3,500++ 
  • 1 session for each couple at THB 5,950++ (15% discount from individual single session rate)
  • 1 session plus CBD, extra charge of THB 700++ per person 
  • 3 sessions for an individual at THB 8,925++ (15% discount from individual session rates )
  • 3 sessions for each couple at THB 16,065++ (additional 10% off couple’s session rate)
  • 3 sessions plus CBD, extra charge of THB 1,800++ per person
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