Leela Sylvia Isani

Leela Sylvia Isani

Self Healing Ritual and Pure Bliss Love Ritual with Leela Sylvia Isani
1-22nd February, 2019

Leela is a healer, reiki master, human potential coach, retreat leader and author with 30 years experience in supporting people to find happiness, personal power and joy in their lives.

Self Healing Ritual
Her self-healing ritual was created in 2012, and combines energy healing and coaching.
The aim of the session is to empower people to lead a happy, healthy and enlightened life. The Self healing ritual is a transformational experience activating your self healing power, self love, and connection to your soul.
This heart-centred, hands-on treatment provides a safe space where deep relaxation and regeneration can happen. In the state of deep relaxation, Leela will tune in, listen to the body and share her insights and revived messages after the treatment. Leela teaches that the main reason for stress and physical problems is that they forget how to deeply relax and listen to the wisdom of the body. During the session Leela tunes in and will support the client to understand the body’s symptoms and show ways to dissolve them.

The benefits of this session include:
– Calming of the nervous system
– Better circulation
– Release of anxiety and tension
– Improved breathing patterns
– Balanced digestion
– Opening up to new options in life
– Rejuvenation of the whole body

Pure Bliss – A love ritual for couples
Heart to heart time to deepen your love together. Share this magic ritual with your loved one. Together experience touching moments and a bonding heart meditation to open up your hearts to dive even deeper into true love . Create a personal ritual to keep romance a permanent part of your relationship.

Healing Rituals with Leela 60 minutes 5,000 ++
3 session package (3 x 60 minutes) 11,250++
90 minutes session 6,000++
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