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Bangkok hospital’s Brain Health Institute has joined with Amatara Wellness Resort to bring a world first in truly integrative health care. The Brain health enhancement program is a unique and innovative program that combines the highest level of preventative health care and luxury wellness.

The program is focused on the health and longevity of our most vital organ – the brain. It is highly recommended for any adult who is seeking to understand from a personalized, integrative medical standpoint the lifestyle practices, sleep hygiene and dietary approaches that are most beneficial to preserve cognition, circulation, memory, motor function and many other aspects needed for a healthy central nervous system throughout one’s lifetime.

Package includes:
1) 2 (two) nights Program at Bangkok Hospital Phuket’s Brain Health Institute:

2) Plus 5 nights Program at Amatara Wellness Resort:

Visits from the Brain Health Institute team:

Prices below are per person per package:

Terms & Conditions:

  • This package can be booked through Amatara Wellness Resort’s reservation department via these following channels:
    • Tel: +66 (0) 76-318-888
    • Email:
  • Advance booking is required.
  • The pre-payment and credit card guarantee is required.

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