Stefano Beconcini

Therapeutic Bodywork with Stefano Beconcini
January 1-15th 2019

Stefano is a physicist expert at educating people to live in health and without pain through body work treatments.
Drawing on years of research and clinical experience in the field of manual therapies, he has developed his own system of soft tissue manipulations that focuses on re-organizing the balance and the movement of the human body to stay healthy.

An effective hands-on method that reduces chronic muscle pain and helps you to stay healthy and active for a lifetime.


Common chronic pains are poorly understood conditions causing disability, loss of vitality and loss of productive time in the workforce.
Our inefficient ways of standing and moving in relation to the force of gravity are the main sources for our chronic muscle tensions.

Re-establishing the natural balance of the body is a necessary process to get fit quickly and live without pain.

Therapeutic Bodywork with Stefano
Initial assessment and treatment, 80 minutes, 6,000 baht++
Follow up treatments, 80 minutes, 6,000 baht ++
For reservations, please call the spa reception on 7701


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