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Retreat Experience


“Retreat is not an absence; rather it is the search for a true presence”
– Georges Gusdorf

Our modern lives are non-stop; it can feel almost impossible to scramble together enough hours in the day to fit in work, the daily commute/ chores and moments with family and friends, let alone finding the time to exercise, prepare healthy food and look after ourselves! Our bodies can’t always keep up with this hectic rhythm, and periods of rest are becoming more and more important.

A wellness retreat is a wonderful opportunity to step back from our usual routine / environment and invest time in ourselves to recharge, restore our energy sources and find peace and strength to carry on our way of life. Sure, you can do this at home, but how often do we take the time that we truly need for ourselves without the interruption of our daily lives?

See below our top 5 reasons for joining in a retreat experience:


Participating in a wellness retreat allows us to completely relax. Feel the weight of built up stress and tension fall from your shoulders as you open yourself up to deep restoration. Leave the planning to us and truly enjoy the physical and emotional health benefits of the process!


  1. DISCONNECT from the routine of daily life:

By removing ourselves from our usual surroundings, routine and mindset, the retreat experience allows us to open up and enjoy the restorative power of letting go; you might just find the experience life changing and realize you need to do this far more frequently! Often to make the most of this experience people enjoy completely unplugging—leaving the job behind, shutting down their technology, and allow themselves to simply BE.


  1. Enjoy time for REFLECTION :

A retreat also provides us with the perfect opportunity to reflect on past decisions, actions and thought processes, and opens us up to manifesting and creating what we truly desire and aim to achieve in our lives.


  1. LEARN new information and skills:

The retreat experience itself (depending on the style package you choose) is full of new experiences and information that will leave you feeling inspired! You have the opportunity to learn more about food, cooking, managing particular symptoms or health conditions, how to enhance vitality and longevity, as well as yoga, meditation and experiencing new relaxing treatments.


  1. Take home a NEW APPROACH:

With your new found enthusiasm and knowledge, you now have the power and skills to take your retreat learnings and experience home with you! During your stay absorb as much information and inspiration as possible (new exercise tips, stretches, food as medicine tips, ingredients to add to your grocery list, mindfulness techniques etc.) and embrace the opportunity to implement more healthy habits into your everyday life!


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