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3 pillars of healthy aging

Aging happens to all of us, yet we don’t all age in the same way. While some people are genetically blessed and seem to age very slowly, or at least very gracefully, there are certainly lifestyle choices we can make that have been proven to slow ageing, protect against disease, and extend our lifespan. Fortunately researchers have a clear measurement of aging at a cellular level: telomeres.  These protective caps that cover the chromosomes housing our NA appear to, essentially, shorten as we age or the body is exposed to stress, and lengthen relative to age when we make positive changes. These positive changes at a cellular level occur gradually over time and regardless of age. This means great things for us; because aging is a gradual process, this means that small, consistent, positive lifestyle changes can greatly improve our lifespan, ageing process, and long-term quality of life.


As it turns out, the best anti-aging lifestyle practices cost us little more than our own effort. They are so important that these factors can truly be considered fundamentals of an anti-aging lifestyle:




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