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Holistic Anti - Aging

This retreat is an educational and experiential journey into the key elements of a holistic, preventative approach to longevity and healthy aging. These key elements include our biochemistry, our mind, and our physical body composition. As we age is it essential to monitor these key elements and seek to live in a way that keeps them at an optimal level. By including blood testing, important biomarkers for anti-aging can be identified and addressed through nutrition and supplementation, as needed. Muscle mass and body fat percentage are understood through bio-impedance analysis, helping us to create the perfect exercise regimen for you. Stress management is also an important element of any anti-aging lifestyle. Thus, deeply relaxing spa treatments and mindfulness meditation are other essential aspects of this program. While our focus is on the inner body, we don’t omit the outer either. As we want our guests to look and feel their best, for 5 nights and beyond a very effective non-invasive facial therapy treatment is included, providing lifting, firming and anti-aging benefits.

Our vision is that through the peaceful setting, our Thai Hammam treatment and this thoughtfully laid out program, you leave feeling deeply refreshed and radiant, and well equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to continue a sustainable wellness lifestyle, promoting your longevity and good health, long into the future.

All Holistic Anti-Aging Retreat Inclusions:

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