Guest Practitioners

At Amatara Wellness Resort, we carefully select a list of guest practitioners who are experts in different and specific treatments or therapies to enrich your wellness stay. These are list of currently available guest practitioners. If you wish to know more about other period, please feel free to contact us directly. 

Onyxe is a dedicated wellness practitioner offering healing and balancing treatments in the spa

Onyxe’s specialized treatments are a unique blend of Polarity Therapy and CranioSacral Unwinding that help to:

Wellness goes beyond a freedom from symptoms. Using a combination of inquisitiveness, deep listening, and therapeutic touch, Onyxe specializes in holding space to help your body to remember its natural state of wellness.​

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Massage Therapy Raphael and Muriel


Singing bowl therapy or sound massage heals and harmonizes the body on many levels, through directly affecting the water within our body and the nervous system. This stimulates physical, emotional and energetic healing. In therapy, the singing bowl sound vibration spreads rapidly through the body, giving a very delicate internal massage to all cells and all the fluids of the body. These sounds and vibrations are also intended to realign the chakras together or individually as appropriate treat to find balance and harmony.

Ayurvedic and Thai Healing Therapies by Daniel Figueiras

Daniel is an experienced healer who treats from the heart. Having studied holistic healing and detox techniques extensively for more than a decade in both Thailand and India, he uses a combination of Ayurveda, Thai massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Gua Sha, Tok Sen and Fascia therapy. These techniques can be used to realign and release blockages in the body on physical, mental-emotional and energetic levels, stimulating the body’s own innate ability to rebalance and heal. Each treatment is given with consideration to the needs and conditions of the person being treated. Daniel will frequently use a combination of therapies as needed to facilitate the healing process.

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